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Galliva is an e-commerce, traveling niche platform where every Business or individual dealing with traveling market can sell worldwide products related to traveling as travel gadgets, travel accessories, travel clothing, wearables, travel gear, camping equipment, mountain equipment and many many other travel categories.

Galliva connects travelers to travel professionals. We help you reach over millions of travelers worldwide via our digital marketing strategies. Different campaigns and continues presence in the media ensure that your traveling products will make sales. Our tools will help you improve your profile by acting faster and ascending to the top. Our team with its high qualified technology can offer you the following services:

  • > Online transaction tools that are secure and can help you save time as well as money
  • > Prompt process order system that are extremely useful
  • > World -class customer service of the higher quality available

How it works.

Totally Free registration: there are absolutely no sign-up fees when you partner with us only a commission fee with your company on every completed sale via our marketplace.

  • Sign up and create your Galliva Account for free.
  • Manage all alone with your password your account, shop and products.
  • Create your own store on Galliva Travel Marketplace for free.
  • List unlimited products for free.
  • Be an authorized member of Galliva Global Network in your country.
  • Make Unlimited offer renewals.
  • Get Direct travelers requests in your account.
  • Get Direct orders in your account.
  • Get Direct payment from travelers to your PayPal account.
  • Secure payments via PayPal.
  • Participate to Global digital marketing campaigns.
  • Participate to Global email marketing campaigns.
  • Let Galliva Team work for you to increase your sales.
  • Let Galliva team promote your business and your services.
  • Get millions of travelers on your products.


Why sell with us.

If you sell through our marketplace you can readily reach millions of new customers. Our marketplace offers e-commerce service to all sellers throughout the world, so selling with us will help improve your business. Our marketplace will help not only to become known to millions of new customers but also to sell on a marketplace which is known for its credibility, accuracy and experience. Our marketplace is here for you and we intend to cater for your needs. Our team will give you the quality that you have always wanted and the experience for which we are known.


What you must do.

First press the "sign up now" button in order to open the sign up form. Fill out your account details, read carefully selling terms and wait for your account approval.

When you finally got your account approval then start listing your products or services and start selling. Upload clear photos and detailed description of your products in order to attract travelers all over world. Fill your Paypal account in order to start getting direct payments.



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